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Thursday, 22 April 2010

Go Green For Earth Day

Quilters have always been good at recycling and using up what's at hand - after all that's where and why our grandmothers began quilting in the first place. This lap quilt entitled "French Silk" is stitched from silk blouses found in a popular Maritime second hand clothing store. The labels, buttons, and shirt cuffs are stitched in as part of the patchwork. The black satin sashing was found in the yardage bin at the same store here in Amherst, N.S. as was the brushed cotton used on the back. Instructions for "French Silk" may be found in the book penned with Diane Shink, Canadian Heritage Quilting.
How will you honour Earth Day in your quilting?


  1. What a wonderful crazy quilt!♥
    My Grandmother loved crazy quilting and that is how I got involved. She died when I was really young, but I was enthralled by the legacy she left behind.

  2. I love the modern crazy quilting... like the stuff I do. I'm glad you blogged about earth day. I completely forgot it was Earth Day until this afternoon. Oh, well. Check out my progress on quilting my Beauty. It's almost done.

  3. This evening, to promote awareness at our quilt guild, we exchanged fat quarters with green as the prodominate color. In my own quilt studio I'm gathering silk shirts to make my first silk quilt on the log cabin pattern
    To complete it I'll have to visit that well known store in the Amherst area to gather up some french silk. Beautiful picture.
    Mary in Montreal