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Saturday, 3 April 2010

Back To The Beeyard

Hubby surprised me with new boots, as my current ones have little tread and don't give much traction in wet grass. The snakeskin pattern on these rubber boots was a bit of a concern at first as I am deathly afraid of snakes. I wondered if I might look down at some point and think there was a cobra on my feet and start running...and not be able to get away from it - much like a dog from its tail. After a few minutes of adjusting my mindset, I like the boots a lot. Now I am anxious to get my Briggs and Little socks finished up, as they will fit perfectly in the boots. I am on the foot of the second sock.
It was encouraging to open the first box and see the "bridging" on the cover. As I've mentioned before, that's a sign of a happy hive.
This picture is especially for Peggi: close your eyes and inhale the sweet smell of beesmoke from your childhood...
We were not alone at the farm; several curious onlookers joined us to watch.

Maybe it was the boots that attracted them :)


  1. Love the onlookers expressions!!
    Your socks will be perfect for your fancy boots. ♥ (That reminds me to finish mine!!)
    Happy Easter!

  2. I bet the bees were happy today in that warm weather. The cows too. Ohh, I don't like snakes either. What Briggs yarn are you knitting these socks with? Happy Easter

  3. Oh - thank you so much for that! I *so* miss my grandfather and his bees.