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Tuesday, 24 May 2022

Crown Jewels

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of HM Queen Elizabeth II, so I was thrilled when Aurifil announced they were releasing a thread collection in honour of the Platinum Jubilee.  The box reads: "The Platinum Jubilee Collection is Aurifil's humble tribute to Queen Elizabeth II.  This year, we celebrate her success and achievements throughout her 70 years of service.  Her fierce nature, resilience, and compassion have set a strong example, inspiring a new generation of leaders."

Inside the commemorative box is an array of  colours fit for a queen: neutrals, plus gold, silver, platinum and of course, a very regal purple. The response to the collection has been very enthusiastic.  Clearly I am not the only admirer.

I decided to use the colours in my thread box to make a small hanging in honour of HM.  I had hoped to have this ready to release on Victoria Day (yesterday) which we celebrate as the Queen's birthday, but one day off is pretty close. Starting with a New York Beauty block, I drew a crown and fitted it with sparkling jewels.  In the centre is a circle of deep, rich purple which I trapuntoed with 2 layers of Hobbs wool batting to try and emulate the puffy middle bit you see in pictures. (I don't have much in-person crown experience.)  My intention is to use it to decorate a door, but if you left out the extra batting, it would be lovely on a table. For high tea, maybe!  The thread collections are selling very quickly, but there are a few left on my website. 

Naturally, I chose rich Island Batik scraps for my project, matching the shades of thread to the fabric. It didn't take long to make, as the jewels are foundation pieced.  The quilting was kept quite simple.

The pattern is free to download, (click the link); I hope you will have fun with this.  Canada Post has issued some lovely stamps, and I also found a lapel pin.  There may be some commemorative china in my future as well if I can find something suitable.


"Long live our noble Queen"


  1. This is a lovely tribute to the Queen!

  2. If you can't find any China, perhaps some shortbread in a commerative tin?

  3. Beautiful beyond words. A stunning tribute, and a SO generous free pattern for us out here. Many thanks.

  4. such a beautiful tribute & sharing of the free pattern; your work is always breathtaking!

  5. She has a heap ton of gorgeous an jubilee thing they could be shared around among her subjects, I'll take the emeralds.....