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Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Outside The Box

A little bird told me that a second big box of goodies is on the way from Island Batik. ( was really a heads-up from the tracking number :)  As an Ambassador, we are each sent a supply of fabric, batting, and thread every six months or so.  Here's my first box, which arrived back in February.  There was so much in that box - thread from Aurifil, batting from Hobbs, as well as beautiful Island Batik collections - that I thought it would take ages to use up.
But use it up I did, and here's what I made: table-toppers, runners, a cushion, a baby quilt, wallhanging, and some sweet little carrot bags at Easter time.

I still can't show completely what was in the package marked "Surprise", but if you look hard in the group picture above, it's peeking out behind the rainbow trout.  I am looking forward to showing the king-sized quilt during the Island Batik Ambassador blog hop in August.
This was my favourite collection in the box, called "Morning Sunshine." Those yellows were soooo enticing.
 From this, I made a New York Beauty quilt, called Sun Salutation, which I really like:
In addition to what you see above, I also designed and made a project for Island Batik's Fall Catalogue, and it will be with them at Quilt Market in the fall when they roll out the new collections for the coming year.  It's been a busy six months of sewing, but I am really happy to say that I have used nearly every bit of fabric in that box.  No waste here!
I am impatiently checking my tracking number, watching for those magic words, "Out For Delivery".  Soon, I hope, and I will show the contents here. In the meantime, you can check out these posts for more information on this year's projects so far. A big thanks to Island Batik for their continued support.


  1. I don't blame you for being excited by this goodie box......Iwould be jumping out of my skin to receive such largesse!

  2. Sunshine in all its golden colours, but the Rainbow Trout is my pick.

  3. You've been so busy! How cool to see everything in one spot.

  4. Do you ever sleep?
    Can’t wait for the blog hop to see your king size quilt!!