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Wednesday, 4 July 2018

New Thread!

I love it when the doorbell rings early in the morning (sometimes before 6 am!) as it means a parcel delivery.  Today, the delivery man brought all kinds of Aurifil goodies to add to the on line store.
 Included were several new collections.
This one, by Angela Walters, called "It's Midnight Somewhere" is brand new in stores.  The colours are great blenders.
We also restocked some of the better sellers, including Mark Lipinski's "Basics", and this small Kansas Troubles collection.

There were also lots of colours to add to the ever-growing 50 weight line-up, including this one.  Can you guess the name?
It's Bubblegum!

Because of your great support, this brings us up to this many colours of our individual 50 weight, large spools:

The 1300m spools sell at a great price (below MSR) of $13.00 plus tax.  We are happy to ship anywhere in Canada.
Check out all the goodies here:  Sew Karen-ly Created thread store.


  1. Karen, Congrats on your expanding Aurifil business. Great to see new colours and collections added.

    1. You, and your Fredericton Guild, have been a big part of my growth; I appreciate it immensely! :)

  2. The 50 wt is gorgeous for hand-piecing - it just sinks into the seam. My goodness, that bubblegum pink is