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Friday, 25 May 2018

Mat Inspiration

This optical illusion quilt, designed by Ukrainian quilter Mezhibovskaya Valery Vadimovna, aka lerusisik, has garnered lots of attention, both here and where it currently hangs at Mrs Pugsley's Emporium.
One of the folks intrigued by this quilt entitled "Through The Lens"  is rug hooker Kate Seely from Ontario.  Kate and I enjoyed a conversation on the mechanics of drawing out the design, and she very quickly produced this mat.  Isn't it wonderful?
Her colourful version replaces stark black with a dark green, and uses multi-coloured centres for the blocks.  Believe it or not, the dark green was from a wool kilt which she washed, felted, and then cut into strips.  I don't believe I could ever bring myself to cut up a kilt!!
I was very surprised to get these pictures so soon after she contacted me, but she had an intense five day hooking marathon and went to it.  Kate will eventually add border rows and promises to share pictures of the completed piece.  I think it looks fabulous!
This is not the first time Kate and I have connected over mats and quilts.  A few years back, she wrote for permission to hook my New York Roundabout:
She amassed a palette of wool in similar colours...
..and sketched her design on burlap.

How awesome is this?!
Really love your work, Kate, and so appreciate you sharing pictures.  Can't wait to see your optical illusion all finished!
K8 the Gr8 :)


  1. That is so interesting! We don't have the tradition of hooked rugs, but I was fortunate to see an exhibition of hooking at the Textile Museum of Canada on our last visit to Toronto and found it really interesting.

  2. Wow, from pattern to fabric to a rug. That optical one is fantastic, but your blues,mauves and teals is a winner.

  3. How wonderful that Kate has hooked a replica.. Maybe the two of you should share ownership of both pieces for half the year o they could be displayed together...
    Awesome work by both of you!