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Saturday, 30 January 2016

Zentangles With Aurifil

Last week on a visit to my sister's, my niece Christina showed me the grown-up colouring book she got for Christmas. The book is the artwork of the very talented Nova Scotian artist, Rachelle Richards, who sketches in a very Zentangle-ish manner. I was particularly taken with this owl, as the loops she had drawn in his feathers reminded me of clam shells;  I kept thinking, "I can quilt that!" So I did..using four different weights of Aurifil thread - 12 weight for the shape outlines, and 28, 40, and 50 weights for filler stitching.
As you can see, I didn't follow Rachelle's lines, as her drawing is much more detailed than I cared to stitch, but I kept the picture beside me as I worked and stitched the fillers free-hand.  What fun!
I contacted Rachelle for permission to show the above image, and she graciously agreed.  Her business operates under the clever name of RRRTWERK  (it took me a minute to get that; you have to use your pirate voice *-)  Rachelle has several adult colouring books available for purchase;  you can see more of her work on her Facebook page: 
Thanks, Rachelle, for allowing me to play with one of your designs.
The project is a great way to show off the effect of using different threads - bold to subtle.  Mrs Pugsley has invited me to bring the threads, and my machine, to her shop next Friday (February 5th), where I will be stitching up a storm (not literally, I hope!)  In the next post, I will show you what I will be stitching that day.
Now...hop on over to Rachelle's Facebook page for some inspiration!


  1. Wow, this looks awesome Karen! I admire Zentangles, but haven't actually tried doing it myself. Perhaps I'm scared of getting yet another addiction... haha
    With a little practice, I can see this would be lots of fun with the Bernina... hmmmm.....

  2. Certainly looks like you really had fun with it! I'm another who hasn't gotten into Zentangles but can see they would be interesting to quilt.

  3. I've been practicing different tangles for a few months now with paper and pen. They are great fun, and very relaxing. Zentangle quilting is another means of expressing yourself