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Saturday, 9 January 2016

I ♥ NYB!

I *do* ♥ NYB's, and these hearts make a clever and unique addition to your table. They are actually four, individually bound placemats that fit together to form a very pretty, scalloped centrepiece when not in use.
Just in time for you to stitch for Valentines...although I am planning to use mine year round...cos who doesn't like hearts?

Pieced in greens, it does double duty as a shamrock!

   You can download the pattern here...or purchase a printed copy from my website.
Thank you to pattern testers Darlene Gerber, Kari Lippert, and Lynn Bourgeois.


  1. What a clever placemat idea! Love how they fit together to make such a pretty tabletopper. You're so clever!

  2. I think that would make a really cute wedding shower gift.

  3. This is wonderful. I will need to put on my wishlist on Craftsy.

  4. These are very pretty as well as clever. Love them