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Thursday, 15 October 2015

Star Of Beauty

Yesterday, the November issue of AQ Magazine arrived, and in it is my New York Star Of Beauty. You can see why it is so named, as the blocks meeting in the centre form a secondary star design.

Amazingly, this quilt only uses one block, but drawn in different orientations on a 60 degree grid. It is quilted with radiating lines in a gold metallic thread.  Alternate rays are stippled to allow the neighbouring one to pop up.  I just love the blue centres for the New York Beauty blocks.
For fun, Hubby and I took the quilt to be photographed at the Gemini Observatory at Mount Allison University.

In person, it appears that the outer row of NY Beauty blocks spins around the centre.
Except for the blue, the fabric is from a gorgeous Hoffman collection called Narumi. (The blue is actually a Fairy Frost).
Narumi contained a stunning border print, which I used as the background for under the spikes and also in its entirety for the backing.
Here's the cover of the magazine;  locally, it is available at Chapters and Superstore.  You can also purchase it directly from AQS here.
If you'd like to see the quilt in person, I will have it with me Saturday at the Zonta Bazaar.


  1. Karen - I was thrilled when I looked through my copy and saw your name! Beautiful quilt!!

  2. It was even more beautiful in person, Karen, although I got so excited seeing your beautiful Stuffle Bag, it was difficult to focus on much else. Your booth looked great, so professionally laid out and full of all your gorgeous creations. I hope you had a successful day! XO

  3. I totally missed all this fabulousness! I must have been distracted by all the Aurifil yumminess.