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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

A Slew Of Maritime Beauties

I know you are all wanting to see pictures of our fabulous Fibre Arts Festival and hear how things went...and I'd love to show you, but the truth is... I was too busy to take pictures! It was an incredible week, as it always is, with so many fibre enthusiasts visiting our small town. Many have attended all eight years of the festival, which makes it a bit like Homecoming to greet these now familiar faces. You'll just have to come next year and see for yourselves!

With hardly time to catch my breath, I am off to the Island (PEI) for a couple of days to do a trunk show and workshop.  For the Island gals, here is a sampling of pictures of Maritime Beauty so you can get inspiration for your colours.
I do apologize to the makers for not adding their names here - please feel free to shout out if you see yours posted. They've all been identified in past posts.

 (Chris - this one of your cat still cracks me up!!! :)

This totally scrappy one of Gail's is one of my favourites.

 This is a new picture in today from Myrna Allison;  you may recall Myrna recently shared her Roundabout Again .The directions for this placemat are included in the Maritime Beauty pattern, which Myrna made this weekend on retreat: Love the colours!
See you Friday, Northern Lights!


  1. They are all beauties, each and every one! Have fun on PEI!

  2. She was a special kitty Karen, as they all are. She passed away about a month ago at sixteen. Your post brought a smile to my face. She was a hoot. LOL