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Monday, 28 September 2015

September's Embers

September has been an amazingly jam-packed month.  In addition to lots of new stitching projects, it has included returning youngest to university, taking off the honey and starting fall feeding for the bees, preparing a booth for Fibre Arts Festival, getting a twin-sized quilt finished for publication in Quilter's Connection magazine, and even a short get-away with hubby.  This past weekend, Mrs. Pugsley's Emporium was a vendor at the Sunrise Quilt Guild Show in Tatamagouche, and I went along to help.  There is never a dull moment with Mrs. P: Beth booked us a caboose at the Train Station Inn.
How fun is that?
 You could climb up in the little cupola and get a great view.
The caboose had two bedrooms, and all the comforts of home...albeit on a somewhat reduced scale.
My room had a queen-sized bed and a fireplace; there's even a big TV hiding behind those doors.
The pillowcases were a nice touch. 
I bought a pair in the gift shop as a souvenir. (I did not steal the pillowcases, Cheryl!! :))

The quilt show was just across the road at the Fraser Cultural Centre.  The Sunrise Quilt Guild may be small in numbers but they are certainly big on talent.
The quilts were fabulous, and it was extra special to have so many of the guild members on-hand for the entire show to talk about their quilts.
Deb Plestid is a member of this guild and she had several extraordinary pieces on display.
Member Grace made a trip home to bring in her Maritime Beauty to show me. She had just pieced this, it's waiting to be quilted.  Gorgeous work, Grace - I love the colours you chose!

I hope now to stitch out the month so should have some finished pieces to show you soon!


  1. That Maritime Beauty is lovely. Good job, Grace!

  2. Well done, Grace - I love those colours! What a great place to stay - you could have Dr Seuss fun with moose and caboose - did you sleep in a caboose? Did you sleep with a moose?