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Saturday, 14 March 2015

A Picture to Share

I cannot take any applause for this quilt as I had no hand in it, but the picture was sent along by my friend Shari and it's just too pretty not to share.  It's a disappearing Nine Patch made by Karen Reed of Amherst. I am not sure how large it is, but since I see two sets of hands holding it up, I'd say it's a good size.  It's lovely.  (How could a red quilt be anything but?!)
I *think* the fabric is Mark Lipinski's "Krakow" collection (and how weird is my brain that I would remember that after all this time...)  The reason I do, is because I used that same collection in a quilt made to showcase the fabric Dayle's was featuring one year for Fibre Arts Festival:
If I have the story correct, the fabric for Karen's quilt was won by Shari in a big basket of goodies donated by Dayle's one year for the block contest they sponsor for Fibre Arts Festival.  Since I seldom ever delete anything (!), I went back through my files to see what I could find, and sure enough - I think the fabric is in this basket, from 2010.  Look at all the goodies in there!
Shari shared her bounty with Karen and writes that there is enough of the fabric left to be used in a second quilt, with the addition of a few other prints.
Thank you Shari and Karen for sending along the picture of the quilt.  


  1. Wow, what a fabulous basket of goodies! Enough to keep a whole group of quilters happy. Two different projects made with the same fabric is an interesting comparison, isn't it? Both so good, and so different.

  2. Beautiful! What a lovely quilt, and if the fabric was won, all the better! Wow Karen, what a good memory you have for fabric line names. I'm impressed.