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Wednesday 21 January 2015

Working Out The Details

Thanks for all the sweet emails!!  This will be a quick note, I'll be back later on with a few more details.  To answer about purchasing: yes, I will have signed copies available from my website to any who are interested. You can also purchase the book through Amazon, directly from AQS, and at your local quilt shop.
Once I get the rates from the post office - hopefully this morning - I will get the checkout buttons configured on my website.  Until I actually had a copy of the book, I didn't know the weight so none of this could be done ahead.  Because a big part of the book is on CD, this should reflect favourably on the cost of postage. Please bear with me as things get set in place.
For local quilters, there will be a display of the book quilts at Mrs. Pugsley's Emporium.  Beth has graciously agreed to host a signing, but the details of that are yet to be worked out.  Unless Canada Customs decides to hold them for their own display(!), the book quilts should be back tomorrow.
It's exciting.  Neither Polly nor I slept a wink last night...