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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Quilting Beauties: Arabesque

The quilts from the book Quilting Beauties have arrived back, so I'll start to show you some of the projects.  One of my very favourite pieces is a rather funky one called Arabesque.  It is pieced using the Quilter's Shadow collection by Stof of Denmark, It's a beautiful fabric which functions as a solid but adds depth to the patchwork as the colours modulate across the surface.  To allow the dynamic design to shine, this low-impact fabric in high contrast colours was a perfect choice.
Soft grey and white are used in the New York Beauty background sections, and a bright yellow forms the "eye". 
Arabesque finishes to 14" x 36" and can be used on a table...but it's a stunning piece of art when hung.

AQS liked this piece also, and chose it to display at all their upcoming "Quilt Week" shows across the U.S. this year, which is a real honour. 
You can get a copy of the book which includes the pattern for Arabesque from my website;  


  1. How very unique. You certainly have vision!

  2. Quilt Week is coming to Syracuse, New York, and I am hoping to be there!
    Now I have another reason to go!
    (Doing my happy dance!)

  3. I love that design - it is really striking!

  4. Your projects never disappoint, Karen. Your choice of colors always work so perfectly to portray your patterns. Another beauty.

  5. has AQS invited you to be their guest at their authors' table at any of the shows?