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Monday, 1 December 2014

Subtle Changes

Change is inevitable.
This month will see the end of my website being hosted by Sympatico, who have decided to discontinue the service.  To me, this has meant a bit of scrambling to find a new host and get my files uploaded there, but to you all it means is that my address is now:  Please update your bookmarks. Nothing else has changed, email remains the same.

My website has been up since 1993 and I honestly believe it makes me the longest running quilt website in Canada. There were others at the time of course, but they have long since gone. Building that first website continues to be a favourite memory; while very pregnant, I purchased a book entitled "How To Build A Website" and tackled basic html coding.  What a rush when I uploaded the first page for the whole world to see!  The background looked like crinkled paper and I thought it was the bomb. It took about 3 months for me to figure out why my pictures showed up fine in Internet Explorer but appeared as those dreaded red "X's" in Netscape (remember Netscape?) I finally clued in that the browser could not read capital letters, and of course as a former English teacher...I always began things with a capital letter!  Once all my files were renamed in lower case letters and uploaded to the server the issue was resolved.  That was another huge feeling of accomplishment.

Moving over to the new host was fairly straightforward, although it did require figuring out how to park a domain as I also purchased  I love the challenge of learning to do these things for myself. It's the same sense of "I did it!" that comes from finishing a quilt.

Sincere thanks to Kate from Arts and Socks for her recommendation of a new trustworthy host.
(Oh...and the picture was taken on a very, very icy Lynn Road on Saturday!)


  1. It certainly was icy! You must have been a website pioneer, in those days.......doesn't seem that long ago really, but it is in computer years.