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Saturday, 13 December 2014

Sew Many Santas!

Pictures of the Simply Santa Table Runner have been arriving and I've been slow to get them posted, so here's a whole bunch at once for you to enjoy.
The first 3 are by Beth (aka Mrs. P) and all reflect her thinking-outside-the-box approach to...well, everything!  This first one is stitched from a new Moda collection named Atelier.  It gives Santa a much dressier garb than plain old red and black.  Very classy. 

Next she used jazzy Christmas prints for Santa's attire.  Love it!

And then she gave up on piecing the belt and just used a plain strip in the centre. Bah, Humbug...err, I mean BEAUTIFUL! :)
Elizabeth O'Donoghue followed suit and came up with 3 beautiful plain ones of her own.  This one is on its way to Sweden to enjoy Christmas with friends there.
Because she is a musician, Elizabeth refers to this one as, "Variation On A Theme in G Major".
 Fabulous work, Elizabeth! (try adding a buckle next time :)
Shari Guitard of Amherst chose a fabulous group of fabrics for her runner.  I love the plaid she used in the buckle.

Marie Withrow, from the U.S., stitched a couple of traditional red, black and white runners.  She was happy with how quickly these stitched up.
As for me...I found these kitschy salt and pepper shakers shaped like Santa's boots at Super Store so I am including a set with each runner I gift.  
Thanks Beth, Marie,Shari, and Elizabeth for sharing these pictures.  The Simply Santa Table Runner pattern is available as an instant download here.


  1. I love seeing variations on a theme......fabric choices make such a difference! The Santa boots are just the right finishing touch too.