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Friday, 31 October 2014

No Trick - All Treat!

You are so awesome!  Welcome to all the new readers of this blog, and thank you to the regulars for your continued support.

I am excited to say that Rhythmic has been chosen as one of 4 finalists from THOUSANDS of nominations in the Craftsy Pattern Designer Awards. (There were 9, 774 patterns in the running!) Thank you SO MUCH for voting for my pattern. We are now down to the final round and I am asking for your support one last time.  Kindly follow this link  and click the radio button next to Rhythmic.  If you would like a chance to win a free class from Craftsy, then add your email address (not mandatory)  Then click Submit.  That’s it! 
My sincerest thanks…and good luck in the draw for the class!


  1. Done! Good luck! I'm not at all surprised that this pattern made the finals.

  2. Done! Good Luck! Congrats on making the final round!!

  3. Definitely...since I am a happy Rhythmic Quilt pattern purple!

  4. So happy for you Karen! We're rooting for you !