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Sunday, 5 October 2014

Festival Count-Down Is On!

Yikes!  Tomorrow is the start of the final week to prepare for our big festival.  I am not even close to being ready.  Fall is a super busy time in the quilt world as it is: guilds are back in session, and the pattern orders flood in as shops organize winter classes. Fabric companies are scrambling to get quilts made with their new fabric lines for Quilt Market later this month.  I confess every year I shake my head and wonder whose idea it was to hold this festival in the week following Thanksgiving; certainly it wasn't a quilter (or at least not this quilter!) I had hoped to have 2 additional pieces finished for my "World of Beauty" display and both are close but not quite there.  The miniature silk piece requires binding so it may actually make the show.  Yesterday I got the Oriental piece basted and the stitch-in-the-ditch started. As you can see below, it's a very colourful piece.
This may be as far as I get as the next few days will be spent figuring out how to hang the show.  I am relying on Beth at Mrs. Pugsley's for direction as display is just not my strong suit.  Of course there is also a whack of baking to be done for the holiday, and a son collected and delivered back to university.  I am thinking this quilt may be displayed "in progress" with the quilting half-done. Surely quilters everywhere are familiar with not-quite-finishing all they start...


  1. Karen- don't stress over not finishing ! ALL quilters will appreciate your beautiful work, and seeing one or two "in progress" will be wonderful, whether they're totally finished or not. Enjoy the holiday with your family. I have several new miniatures that I was hoping to have finished, but they're probably going to be WIP's too.

  2. "Surely quilters everywhere are familiar with not-quite-finishing all they start..."

    Amen to that, Sister!

  3. Seeing a partly-finished piece would be very interesting - an insight into "what makes a quilt". Several years ago I attended a quilt show which had a display in one corner of unquilted tops, and the sign with them said "Quilts of the Future"!

  4. Oh I wish we were going to the festival . I t seems like my October is missing something and that is it! Gerald is leaving Sunday for his week long retreat but next year we should be free. Enjoy and take lots of pictures. Don't fret over an unfinished project.I think it is a good idea to show the before and after vision of the project.

  5. Sorry I won't be there. I love the oriental piece. I am sure it will be appreciated, even if the quilting isn't finished. It will make you seem like less of a superwoman, and more like a quilter.

  6. Karen, it's killing me that I cannot attend. Amherst is just a little to far away for me to travel at this time. Have a wonderful time and share lots and lots of pics!!