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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Self Doubt

"Is this thing lying flat?  I doubt piecing was probably off...or maybe my pressing. Did I have it smoothed out enough when I pinned it?  I don't remember smoothing it before I taped the edges, but I must have, right? Gosh, did I use enough pins?  I used up all the big ones in the container but I bet there were more upstairs -I should have checked. Is there such a thing as too many pins?  I rushed through the basting because Polly was being such a nuisance she had to be put outside and then she was at the window looking pitiful and wanting in and I felt guilty. I should have left her out there, it was a nice day... Did I check the back thoroughly for puckers before I closed all those pins?  I bet I didn't. looks so lumpy on the machine bed.  This is not going to work..."

Over 26 years doing this full time and this is still the conversation in my head each time I start.  Do you do this too?


  1. They won't like it. I should have used different colors. This seam is ironed wrong. Sometimes I use audio books to drown out the voices.

  2. oh! yes and my last thought usually goes ... should I throw it out and start a new one ?

  3. We all have self doubt. But then, it is always a work of love including the imperfections!