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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

At Nancy's Window

My sister Nancy was visiting when the Hoffman Bali Snowflakes arrived.  Her suggestion was that they would look great in an attic window setting, so that's what I did (thanks, Nan!)  I added a bit of snow on the window (I didn't have to look far for inspiration as there has certainly been a lot of snow on our windows lately!)

The printed snowflakes remind me of the ones Nancy used to crochet and starch and hang in her windows.   If you look closely at the picture below, you can see that I have stitched a hanging cord from the top of the snowflake.
The snow is quilted in swirls with a holographic thread which gives a nice shimmer;  the snowflakes themselves are outlined in silver metallic.
For the photo shoot I placed some cattails in a red can...which turned out to be a bad idea with the cats in the house.  They were obsessed with those cattails!!  It was a constant struggle to keep Polly off the table long enough to get a picture;  I would shoo her off and by the time I had the camera in position, she was back at them.  Maddie, whose feet are permanently glued to the floor, stood on his hind legs beside the table to reach up and swat them.
This was a super easy project and took no time to stitch.  The snowflakes will be in stores soon, and are sold by the yard so you can buy as few or many as your project requires. In Canada, they are distributed by Trend-Tex Fabrics. I am very pleased with the look, especially with the red accent from the little bird, and have named the piece "At Nancy's Window."  The pattern will be coming along shortly.


  1. Beautiful Karen! A perfect Canadian quilt!

  2. Thank you Karen for naming the quilt At Nancy's window. I have always loved seeing snowflakes outside my window and when I saw the beautiful material with the snowflakes on it...All I could see were the snowflakes thru my windows !! Snowflakes sure do say Canada :)

  3. What a wonderful way to use the fabrics, and a lovely compliment to your sister!

  4. Karen, this is a sweet quilt. Although I'm very tired of seeing snow, this quilt is delightful. Love it!! Polly and Ollie are similar- they both like to Photo-bomb!

  5. Just beautiful! Might just have to buy a few of those panels.

  6. Great idea having the snow in the corners - beautiful quilt.

  7. What a lovely design and beautiful fabrics that work so well together. Great job. Total #CreativeGoodness and inspiration.