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Friday, 22 November 2013


What a thrill to open the new (Nov/Dec 2013) issue of Saltscapes magazine and see my Clare quilting friends profiled!
The article by Marjorie Simmins entitled "A Stitch In Time" looks at the long quilting tradition in Clare, Nova Scotia and at the amazing work being done by La Guilde Acadienne de Clare.  Not surprisingly, guild founder Joan Tufts is pictured and quoted extensively.
I had the pleasure of attending this spectacular show at Saulnierville's Sacre Coeur church last summer;  you can read my blog post here.  Fittingly, the magazine issue also includes an article on "An Acadian Christmas" with some pretty tasty looking recipes.
Congrats to La Guilde Acadienne de Clare for all the wonderful work they do to promote and encourage the tradition of quilting in the Maritimes.


  1. Ahhh Thank you Karen! It is a well written article . Your visit to the quilt show made it very special indeed not to mention your membership in La Guilde Acadienne de Clare!

  2. Karen, your Christmas placemats are so beautiful. Thanks for the heads-up regarding the current Saltscapes issue. Will check in my mailbox tomorrow. Love that magazine. Lucy

  3. AWESOME! - oh look! Craftsy patterns!? Woohoo! Way to go Karen. : )))

  4. I received my Saltscapes today, but haven't read it yet - looking forward to it now!

  5. Ahh, yes. When the issue was shown to us a guild last week, I thought... I saw that picture somewhere.... and yes, it was your blog. Nice to have it in Saltscapes.