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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Ribbon Candy

The new Christmas design is zipping along like gangbusters. (What *is* a gangbuster?)  I took the pieced top down to dayle's and tried it out on a bunch of different reds.  Even though it's a bit fussier to work with a stripe in the border, this print from Benartex's Festive Holiday collection was perfect.  I trimmed each strip so the gold will run up the centre of the outer border (that's what I meant by fussy...)
 Then it was time to layer and baste the quilt.  It is by far not my favourite thing, especially with two kitty helpers.  They went outside for a run and the task was quickly completed.  The next step was to decide what to quilt.  There is sashing between each of the "presents" and I wanted it quilted down so the boxes would pop up.  I also wanted something appropriate to the quilt, and "ribbon candy" seemed perfect. I had never quilted this shape before, but certainly am familiar with the treat from my childhood Christmases.  Robertson's Candy, made in Truro, N.S., is a Maritime staple for Christmas treats:  barley candy, humbugs, chicken bones, satin mix and ribbon candy.  You can see that the shape of the ribbon is perfect for a long, narrow sashing. 
I didn't do too badly, although a phone call broke my rhythm and for a bit my candy was more figure 8's than ribbon. (I probably wouldn't last a day at Robertson's...) 
It certainly had the desired effect as the presents are popped up like pillows.  I will add some detail to the red ribbon next and then on the border.  Almost there!
Two testers have already reported in with positive results, so once I hear back from the others the pattern will be available for purchase.  


  1. It's adorable! I can't wait to see it, your sneak peeks are such a tease!!!!

  2. What a fun pattern! Chicken bone candy? Now I've heard everything......the ribbon candy is very pretty, though.

  3. My uncle with the sea legs joined the Navy and married a Halifax girl. She's the lady who introduced our family to chicken bones and I remember how excited my grandmother was to find them here in Ontario . My aunt was surprised to discover them in her stocking. Thank you for reminding me of the sweet treat and a Christmas long ago.

  4. Boy, you're fast! It's looking great. I remember ribbon candy from the long ago, but haven't seen (or tasted) any in a long time. Seems to me there was something with a lovely strong flavour of cloves. We get satin mix here now, but it's just sweet. Not really flavourful. Maybe it's all in the memory.

  5. Oh I cannot wait for this pattern!! Love it as well as the quilting design. I remember all of those candies you spoke about and actually saw some ribbon candy just the other day!! Lori