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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Misandry In Quilting?

I took a break from serious quilting to get some gifts sewn.  All I found when I opened my bulging box of Christmas fabric was scraps.  Hmm...  I put the box away, not having enough of any single fabric to make my intended project work.  When I got up in the morning, I couldn't get to the sewing room fast enough to sew the block I saw in my head.  I am having a great time, sewing this oh sew simple block.   I had only intended to make placemats and runners, but yesterday afternoon I pieced enough blocks for a lap quilt. They're a bit addictive and such a terrific use of my leftovers.
I spread the blocks on the floor to check the layout and for the first time ever, Maddie expressed an interest in quilting.  He may look aloof and sophisticated wearing that black tuxedo and white shirt, but trust me...he can rumble!
Not having enough for sashing, I made a quick trip to dayle's where I got a lovely soft green print with small stars .  Imagine my surprise to read this on the selvedge: 
Really - too many men?!  I Googled the collection and see that Ms. Paton is, of course, referring to snowmen!  I am amused to think where this selvedge strip will end up in a future project.


  1. I can't wait to see what you are making - you always do such clever things. I love reading your blog.

  2. Christmas boxes! Now you have two quilt helpers, aren't you so that selvedge, it's such a hoot.

  3. Maddie looks like a very serious quality control officer. I can give that selvage a good home if need be - that would be a riot for the basket weave quilt I'm working on! Not too many places to buy Red Rooster fabrics around here.

  4. Now, what chance did poor little Maddie have anyway? He was bound to be a Quilter Cat.

  5. Oh Karen, thanks for sharing that selvage...I had 6 brothers and have 4 sons, and 6 grandsons so i really need to find some of that fabric just for the edge!! LOL

  6. oops--that was me in that last anonymous post, Karen.
    Diane in Az

  7. Oh! I have that fabric but never noticed it had a statement about me..... Can't wait to see your lap quilt

  8. Can't wait to see the finished placemats. What a clever idea! Is your design an original? Your cat is very handsome. Lucy

    1. Hi, Lucy: Thanks for visiting. I will answer your question here as to whether the design is original. All I can say is, it was in my head when I got up one morning and I sketched it out as quickly as I could. I have Googled and Googled everywhere to find something similar, and cannot, so... It's easy, fast and fun to sew. I am ready to baste the lap quilt, and am hoping for some snow to take a picture!