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Friday, 11 November 2011

Like a Streak of Lightning

It's time to post the official picture of the finished string quilt, as it was presented to its new owner this afternoon. The streak of lightning setting was an appropriate one to choose, as the recipient is a rock 'n roll kind of guy with an electric personality. I viewed the long zigzag rows of stitching as lines on a treble clef and added free motion quarter and eighth notes down the lines. It is pictured here with his bass guitar...which happened to get left behind in my son's room when they all left for university in the fall. I hope he gets a laugh out of it showing up in the picture - we did.
Polly was torn to see the quilt go as she has enjoyed its making.

This makes 3 completed dorm quilts for my son and his close friends, and one more to go next year. This one missed the September deadline by a bit, but it only made the surprise that much bigger (!) The best part of making these quilts is the hug you get in return. :)


  1. It's awesome Karen! Love the official photo!!

  2. Very nice indeed. A pretty special gift!! Lucky guy!!

  3. That's a fabulous quilt - its new owner will love it! I agree, the official photo is great.....and of course, the quilt goes with Polly's approval too.