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Thursday, 12 May 2011

The End Of The Paducah Tale

My "Farrago" quilt arrived safely back from Paducah this week. It was exciting to open the box and find more goodies inside. The organizers of the show have really made this a special experience for exhibitors. Even hubby commented on what a class act this show is. Already I have a keepsake ribbon which identifies it as a semi-finalist. Now I also have an event catalogue, the show tag, and the comment sheet from judges Donna Wilder, Katie Pasquini Masopust and Libby Lehman. Very cool.
Best of all was this printed fabric label which may (will!!) be sewn to the back of the quilt.
There will be a show book arriving shortly which has pictures of all the quilts in the exhibit. I have been sitting with fingers crossed that some benevolent soul attending the show would share some pictures and I was rewarded with not one but three sets of photos. How wonderful! Interesting to note that Gaile, Ruby and Lynn are all seasoned Paducah veterans, having attended other shows in past years although none had encountered flooding before.
Gaile S. from Yarmouth, N.S., whom I met at a Fibre Arts Festival workshop here in Amherst last year, was first in with these:

Here's Gaile: she has a good time wherever she goes!Ruby M. from Dartmouth, N.S. had the pleasure of attending the show on a coach tour with other quilters, stopping at all kinds of interesting places along the way. Ruby writes: "It was a treat to be able to see two Nova Scotia quilts in Paducah, the other was a beautiful applique, hand quilted bed quilt by Marg Ferguson from Glace Bay." I will be watching the show book to see Marg's quilt; thanks for the heads-up, Ruby.Lynn from Nebraska shared these, but has also posted several slideshows on her blog. I encourage you to take a look as the quilts are incredible.

My sincere thanks to Gaile, Ruby and Lynn for graciously sharing these photos.
Edit: I've just found Marg Ferguson's quilt "Cherries Jubilee" in Part 3 of Lynn's Paducah slideshow. Have a look!


  1. Glad that Farrago arrived back home safe and sound. So nice to have an official label to attach.

  2. what a rush this all must be - yet another quilt of yours on display in the big time.