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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Drum Roll Please

Thanks to all who entered to win a copy of Maritime Beauty and a set of foundations. The random number generator (my youngest born) selected Vicki T as our winner. Coincidentally, Vicki is also from Illinois as was Erin, the winner of the Quiltmaker 100 Blocks magazine. Congratulations,Vicki; we expect to see pictures when you are finished!
Someone asked about purchasing the pre-printed foundations. They are available in a set of 10 (you need 8 for the project, so this allows two extras for boo-boos) printed on an easy to tear paper. The cost is $5.50/set. I have been busy trying out a new paper which looks promising and hope to soon have more designs available and listed on the checkout of the website. For the time being, simply email your request if you are interested.


  1. Great idea to sell the pre-printed foundations. Love that design. Lucy

  2. Oh gosh so much pressure now considering all I mentioned via email about never having tried this before. LOL Hmmmm only two extras for boo-boos? It's good you sell more possibly.

    Thank you so much.