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Friday, 7 January 2011

Sew Much Fun

Because I had a magazine deadline to meet in December, there wasn't much time left to make gifts. The lavender socks were given away prematurely, with only one knit...although they did include a promise for a second to match. (thanks for your understanding, Nancy :) Thinking about what could be made quickly, I remembered the nifty "Humbug Bags" that the Bernina Lady was demonstrating at her visit last July. I rummaged through my zipper box and came up with a pink and a navy zipper and went looking for fabrics to match. This brightly coloured scrap of a Benartex batik was perfect for a pretty bag.
I simply layered it with a scrap of wool batting and a piece of matching lining, and free motion quilted around the butterflies in the print.
With the addition of the zipper, a hanging loop, and a seam across both ends, it was done.
I made mine the size of one I had received from Lynn, as it's perfect for my iPod and I thought the recipient might find a similar use.
They are neat little bags as they sit upright on their bottom. (Like me :)
It went together so quickly, there was time to make one more. For this one I chose a pretty Kaufman oriental print for the top and another as a contrasting lining. I did all over quilting using blue variegated YLI Ultrasheen thread.
Here's the lining:
I was unsuccessful in locating a bag of humbugs to put inside, but these kisses worked well. By strange coincidence, the recipient of this bag included a bag of humbugs in her gift to my son! She's obviously a better shopper than I am.
With Christmas behind us, I am back to work on a set of mats to fit a round table. I mentioned in a previous post that Rosa from Ohio and I have been chatting this project over and discussing sizes, shapes, etc. The design has gone through several drafts and revisions to reach this stage, and Rosa has not yet seen my final version. I got to see Rosa's this morning. A few minutes ago I started doing the straight line quilting in the ditch on the centrepiece and am now ready to tackle some free motion. The fabric is Forever Spring by Nancy Halvorsen for Benartex. After this are 4 placemats to layer, baste, quilt and bind.


  1. Everything is gorgeus as usual! I love to see that Bernina at work on your post.. You inspire me!

  2. Love the humbugs.... and yes, a perfect size for an ipod...Love all your stitching.

  3. These bags are darling, I might make one for my ipod, too! Don't know what a humbug is, though, is it a special kind of Christmas candy?