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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Bees In The Trees

There is never a dull moment...yesterday after returning from out of town, there was a message waiting about a bee swarm near us. Eldest son and I went to investigate. This is an "extreme"close up of the swarm, taken at very early light, so not the best for clarity.It's a beauty, a really large tight cluster of bees.'s too far off the ground to reach.We placed a nuc box on a step ladder, placed some "lures" around the box, and are hoping for the best. When I checked early this morning, the swarm was still tightly wrapped in the tree above the box. Perhaps when it warms a bit, they will send their scouts to see if the accommodations look inviting. Last night was a cold one, and I feel sorry for these bees not to have had a warm place to rest.

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