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Thursday, 10 June 2010

Bees In The Trees: Day 2...End of Story

(Note edit at bottom of this posting to read the end of the swarm saga.)
Throughout yesterday, we checked on the swarm about every 2 hours. It was a writhing, busy mass of bees. At 4 pm, it looked pretty solid.
When we returned a little after 6 pm here's what we found:
Nothing! They were gone! It was a huge disappointment, but not totally unexpected - these creatures do have wings, after all. We started to pack up the ladder and spotted this in a tree further on in the yard. They hadn't left, they just moved...for whatever reason.
Well I'm not climbing up there...
The swarm reformed in a different shape: Ever hopeful, Hubby and I moved the ladder and box underneath the new location, which is much closer to the main street of our town.
Here's how the swarm looked around 6 this am; the shape has changed somewhat again. No scouts on the move, it appears that everyone is still sleeping. Today will be a gorgeous, sunny day so we are expecting there will be movement of some sort soon. They must be getting hungry.
10:15 am - Everyone still in place, nothing has changed.
12:30 pm - The tree is empty, the swarm has moved on. Maybe we will get a call soon from another homeowner... :)


  1. Are these some of your bees that have gone awol, or a homeless swarm from somewhere else?

    Separately, in a dinner discussion last evening there was mention of intentionally reducing the number of drones in a colony, as they were typically in excess of the queen's needs. Is that your experience?

  2. Ahhh, I hope they resurface. I was rooting for you.