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Monday, 31 May 2010

With Glowing Hearts ©

With Glowing Hearts©
I am very pleased to present the latest quilt in the Sew Karen-ly Created...pattern line. With Glowing Hearts © has been in production for some time and is now ready for sale. Patchwork and appliqué combine in a patriotic mix of maple leaf and fleur-de-lis motifs.
The design idea began during the Olympic fever of our past year. The linked rings in the Olympic logo became hearts to echo a line from our national anthem ("With glowing hearts, we see thee rise" is quilted in the inner border in the sample quilt). The colours chosen for the hearts reflect not only our winning Olympic spirit but also a bit of Canadiana: blue for water, sky, and our French heritage; black for Cape Breton coal and Alberta oil; green for our forests; red for our maple leaf and flag; gold for wheat, maple syrup and of course, as the commodity immortalized in Robert Service's "Spell of the Yukon". As always, I am grateful for the help of Lynn Bourgeois for her assistance in pattern editing.
"With Glowing Hearts" was photographed at Fort Beausejour, N.B. National Historic Park, a perfect location to shoot this quilt as the fort was used by both French and British troops (who changed the name to Fort Cumberland) during the early days of Canada. Anyone who has visited this location will tell you how windy it is (a great spot to fly kites!) and on another day I will post "out-takes" from the photo shoot. It was no easy thing to have that quilt stay in place long enough to snap the shutter. Hubby and I chased it over a lot of ground to get these pictures!
Fort Beausejour is one of my absolute favourite places to visit; officially the site opens tomorrow but there were many visitors there this past weekend including a family from P.E.I. who asked to take photos of the quilt also. That was a nice compliment.
The pattern for With Glowing Hearts © retails for $10.95. There's lots of time to get it sewn before Canada Day! Please ask at your local quilt shop, or send an email to order directly from this site with a credit card. The pattern has not been added to the checkout as yet, but will be shortly. Timeless Stitches Quilt Shop in River John is well stocked with the pattern so stop in and have a look!


  1. It is beautiful Karen. I might have to make this. NOT for July 1st of 2010 though. July 1st is a big day at our house, so I think I could use this quilt. ;)

  2. I love it! .. oh my.. I have goodebumps reading the significance you have given the quilt! What a tribute!
    Thank Karen!

  3. That's great to have a Cdn patriotic quilt like this. I admire the Americans' passion for their red, white and blue and have often thought we should be as overt as they in expressions of appreciation for our country. Good work.

  4. Love it Karen! The choice of fabrics to represent each area of our country is perfect. Creative you are! Thank you for this great pattern commemorating many special things for me. Lucy

  5. What a lovely quilt Karen! I'm sure you'll be selling lots of this pattern! ~ Heather