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Sunday, 2 May 2010

It's All The Buzz

Click on the arrow to hear how the bees sounded this afternoon. They are enjoying our spring weather a great deal!

There's an even louder buzz among quilters about the upcoming release of EQ7. I've been a dedicated user of EQ since the beginning, upgrading through each of their versions. I remember thinking when EQ3 was released that it was the ultimate, but have been truly wowed by each successive release. I can hardly wait to see what has been added this time.


  1. Hi Karen,
    Hope all is well in your buzzing world!
    Where in the Atlantic Provinces can you purchase and EQ? and what do you like about it? I am not familiar with it but you are right, there is a buzz!

  2. Love the video. Actually it's a bit scary. I don't use my EQ very much so I'm not going to upgrade at this time. I'm more of a pattern follower than a pattern maker. I do use it to deter0mine the size of quilts if I'm altering an on-point setting to a different size.