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Monday, 14 September 2009

Diamonds workshop

Tonight I will be speaking to the Cumberland Quilt Guild about the "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend" workshops being held during Fibre Festival. Most of the pieces I will keep for a surprise until class time but will take along a couple of "teasers" including the project piece for the day, a Log Cabin Diamond treeskirt/tabletopper. Yardage information is available at Dayle's for anyone who has registered for the workshop, or can be sent by email to those coming from away. I haven't had an update on numbers recently, so there may still be an opening if anyone is interested in joining us on one of the two days (Oct 14 or Oct 16 - same all-day workshop offered twice). Saturday at Dayle's I chose some fabrics in fall colours to work on a special design for Fibre Festival. So far it's still in the planning stages but with luck will come together this week.


  1. It all looks good! See you at Guild.

  2. Oh sooooo gorgeous.. I have all my fabric cut out and I'm ready to go..... To Amherst!

  3. Speaking of gorgeous, I saw your fabric on your blog, Joan. Can hardly wait to see it sewn into diamonds!
    Readers can scroll back a few posts and check it out here: