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Friday, 4 September 2009

Diamond Workshop

Despite a very uncooperative sewing machine, the binding is finally on the Log Cabin Diamond table topper for the Fibre Festival workshops in October. The same workshop will be presented on two different days: 9 am - 3 pm Friday October 16th and Wednesday Ocotber 14th in the Ralston Room of the First Baptist Church, Amherst. Cost of the workshop is a very reasonable $35.00.

Deciding how to quilt a piece is usually more difficult than doing the piecing. This one has been percolating through my brain while I worked on sewing more tops and finally here's what I settled on. As most of the prints featured holly, it seemed appropriate to stick to a holly motif for the quilting. Adding an extra layer of batting for easy trapunto helps add dimension. With the 6 points on the diamond, the centre motif almost resembled a snowflake, except with holly branches. The centre was left bare in case this piece ends up as a tree skirt, in which event that centre will be cut out. That decision can be made later. A vine was added to twist around the edge of the outer diamonds, with holly leaves placed randomly on the vine. This is the view from the back of the quilt top after the batting has been stitched in place. From here the quilt is layered in the normal way, adding batting and backing.
The piece finishes to about 52" across, which is a nice size on a 48" round table.
The Cumberland Quilt Guild have kindly invited me to their September 14th meeting and I will bring this along with me. A Materials List is available from Carol for anyone who has registered for the day. Both workshops are almost full to capacity, so if you have been considering a fun day out, I urge you to speak up right away to secure your spot. It's going to be fun!

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