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Friday, 29 May 2009

Let It Be(e)...

That heading signifies two things: 1) that less than a minute after the wicket opened this morning, we were in possession of tickets to see Paul McCartney again (!) and 2) that the bees are very busy doing their thing. This time of year is a lot of work for apiarists, and hubby takes great care to ensure his bees are well attended to. My role is primarily as his somewhat addle-brained assistant, and head photographer. I also drive the get-away car in case of attack. (How ironic is it that it's a Ford "Escape"!!)
Here you can see DH pointing out the queen in one of the hives; she is the large blond just to the right of the hive tool. The drone attendants follow her everywhere. I wonder if this queen tires of all the attention she gets from the paparazzi? With the cover removed from the hive, you can see workers returning back with their booty. The pollen sacs on their legs are swollen huge; the yellow is no doubt from the many dandelions growing in the nearby field but you can also see several with bright orange sacs.
Haven't they been busy? The ends of the wooden frames are stained yellow with the pollen on sunny days.
Last weekend we began moving hives into the blueberry fields, as the blossoms are now open. We will move the last of them early tomorrow morning. Rain is predicted which is good for moving day, as that means all the bees are home when the hives are moved and no one gets left behind. After that, we hope for sun!

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