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Thursday, 15 January 2009

Hollyhock Tote Bags

I got a bit behind, but we're all entitled to a sick day once in awhile, right? Here's what I came up with for the gorgeous fabric from Dayle's. Working with this fabric, which was designed by Stephanie Brandenburg of Fern Hill, was like sewing a watercolour painting; the Seminole patchwork on the top of the bag blends so softly with the print. There's still a bit left, but having got this out of my system I can go back to working on the New York Beauty. It's ready to baste, a chore I always drag my feet on...


  1. The bags are beautiful. I will have to go see Dorreen. I am not struck on Seminole but I have to admit it looks great on these bags. I just may have to try it now. Thanks!!

  2. Love the fabric and the bags!!!! I will be so glad when I have experience enough to look at beautiful fabric and know what to make from it!!!!!!!! Have to go to Dayle's to see the fabric now..

  3. Hi Karen-
    Thanks so much for using my Hollyhock Dolls and Garden Garments Collection in such a beautiful way! Your tote design really shows off the large prints but still has that wonderful touch at the top. It really shows the versatilty of the designs.
    Thanks! I can't wait to see what you do with future lines!

  4. Those bags are lovely. I will keep my eye out for some of the fabric. It may entail a trip out of town...