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Monday, 19 January 2009

A Beast of a Beauty

Work on the New York Beauty is in the final hours, and progress has been good. Friday morning I pieced the backing and gave the top the final pressing. That's where the fun ends and the chore begins...Basting the quilt took the better part of the day (including a trip out for another 100 safety pins. They seem to keep disappearing...?) In my mind, quilt basting is one of those miserable topics suitable for a country and western song...right up there with your dog dying and your partner leaving. It's a relief when it's finished...
I worked away at the quilting over the weekend. It's fun to use a variety of threads in the work.
This is holographic thread, which picks up the light nicely. The end of the points have corkscrew motifs quilted, to make it look like sparks are flying.
Another day should bring this project pretty much to a close.


  1. So would the music play backwards when you remove the pins? ;-)

    It's beautiful!

  2. Hi Karen,

    LOL - I think my songs are more whiny these days ;-)

    I got that lovely Kayser off eBay - I think the seller was very surprised it didn't go for more than I paid. I have an Eatonia as well (lovely carved box), several Singers, some treadles (a Raymond, a Husqvarna sans treadle, a Wheeler and Wilson and one or two others) and I think a couple of hand cranks. What I DON'T have is enough room to display them all properly. Some day I'll photograph my collection and post some more pictures.