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Saturday, 22 November 2008

Snow 2

Guess what we did today? I was supposed to be signing books at Coles in the Amherst Centre Mall this afternoon, but Mother Nature had different plans. Everything in the area is closed, including a couple of highways, so it gave good opportunity to catch up on things here. Hopefully, we will be able to arrange another time to do the signing (and the parade!)

I've been receiving lots of pictures of completed Maritime Beauty workshop projects and am gradually getting them posted to the Sew and Tell page of my website. There are more pictures coming soon, so please check back to see the wonderful display of colours chosen by the participants. Don't forget to refresh your browser each visit to see the updates.

Janet completed three Maritime Beauty Centrepieces:
I especially like that last one, as she used a different background colour under each spiked section. Janet is now beginning work on my Beauty of Christmas design. In conversation, she suggested a neat idea for adding extra interest to the piece which hadn't occurred to me. I look forward to seeing what she comes up with. If any of you would like to be added to Janet's Christmas gift list, contact me and I'll see what I can do *-)

This one came from Chris; how lovely to see it all in Christmas colours. Great timing, as we begin our Christmas decorating. It was fun to see how many of these same prints Chris used that I have in my own stash!
Suppose hubby got the shovelling finished while I blogged away? :) It was only 30 cm or so...

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