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Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Canadian Heritage Quilting

It's here!!
Quilt appraiser and historian Diane Shink and I have been working on a book with Formac Publishing of Halifax. The book is a mixture of old and new; we've showcased vintage quilts from museums as well as from Diane's extensive personal collection and updated the sewing methods using today's quicker techniques. As an example, the cover quilt "Gram's Baptist Fans" features a very gentle curve. It is easily pieced by machine rather than appliqu├ęd as our grandmothers would have done.
The book contains instructions for 16 projects, ranging from postcards, to totebags, to full-sized quilts.
More details to follow, both on ordering and on the big launch planned for downtown Amherst. I'll be adding that information here so please check back.
In the meantime, you are welcome to join with me in a big "Woo Hoo"! :)


  1. Congratulations Karen to you and Diane.
    Your book is a great accomplishment and an asset for Canadian quilters. I plan on buying my copy at your launch in Halifax the end of November.
    All the best!
    PS: I hope you get "writer's cramp" at your signings

  2. Congratulations! When can I order a copy (and perhaps get it autographed)?

  3. Karen,
    This is a totally weird connection! I've been trying to figure out what to do and when I typed in Canadian Heritage Quilts your name, blog and book came up. BINGO
    As you know I follow your blog and have left comments in the past. In my personal life I am a quilter and a restorer of old houses (working on my second one).
    In my volunteer life I am the president of a group of heritage minded people who saved the Superintendent's Residence at the Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park and Zoo (which was once a Forest Nursery Station for the Dominion Government). We have renovated the house (see above about old houses - it was # 1 - @ 2 is my personal one (
    and provide interpretation and school tours. A young girl named Flora McLean moved into the house with her parents (her father James was the first superintendent) and our school program features her bedroom. We currently have a wool blanket on her bed and have purchased the material to make a quilt. I'm just stymied about what pattern to chose for a 9 year olds room in 1915. Then I hit on your book nad wonder if you might have any advice.
    I love old quilts (see my blog site for my old house/old quilts that I put together) and love the hand quilted look. I'm going to purchase your book at my local book store.
    Hope you have some ideas for me and again congratulations on the book.