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Monday, 18 April 2016

X and O by Diane

It was barely a week ago I showed you Diane Zdep's beautiful version of Florentine, and now she has finished up another from my Quilting Beauties book.  This time she chose "X and O". If you click the last link, you will see it doesn't much resemble my original.
I love all of Diane's work, but this is totally my favourite - blue/green with a touch of purple, and featuring a kitty - well, it doesn't get any better than that!  Diane's appliqu├ęd kitty is from Lunch Box Quilts.I love those little paw prints!(They look like the ones Maddie and Polly add to the front of the book when they sign.)  Thank you for sharing this Diane - x's and o's to you! :)


  1. It is just too precious! Diane clearly loves working your designs! I'm so glad she share her finishes with you. They are truly inspirational. XO

  2. I really like it! Just as KaHolly said, I'm glad we get to see what Diane does with your designs.