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Thursday, 31 December 2015

A Little Fishy Fun

I made several fun gifts this Christmas, but my absolute favourite was this fellow, for my eldest son. He plays in a band called Moon Trout  and as you can see from the glittery,crescent shaped marking on this guy's face, he is indeed a moon trout.
I used the same (easy) curved strip piecing technique that I've employed on several projects (such as The Stuffle, and In The Summer Time),embellished during the quilting stage with 12 weight Aurifil threads.  I love the effect.  It's a great way to make a landscape background too... if you're not into trout.
I will be teaching a workshop on this free-form curved strip-piecing here in Amherst next October; please email (karen at if you'd like a spot reserved for this fun class.  


  1. Cute little fishy! I'd like to have seen his surprised expression when he unwrapped this gift! Happy New Year, sweet lady! XO

  2. This is fabulous!! Does it have a zipper? Could it hold stuff? I see it with a long strap for a little girl's purse.

  3. I may have to plan my NB vacation, around your class.

  4. Gah!!! I LOVE this fish! A workshop sounds like fun!

  5. Total #CreativeGoodness.


  6. What a fabulous fish , I can imagine your son loved it !