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Friday, 2 October 2015

Aurifil 12 weight - Clinical Trials

I finally got a chance to play with the Aurifil 12 weight thread I ordered in.  I am excited by the possibilities wound in each spool.  I've sewn with 12 weight thread before, but never successfully through the needle - it always ended up having to go in the bobbin, and my work stitched upside-down. This Aurifil thread is different.  I gingerly started stitching some samples to test it out.  I didn't even have to adjust the tension on the machine.
The thread has a silky finish which goes easily through a size 100/16 Topstitch needle.
Free motion embroidery with this thread holds lots of promise.  I traced a simple design onto white cotton and layered it with tear-away stabilizer.

Not bad for a first attempt! Honestly, it's way better than I could have stitched by hand...and literally done in minutes.  I can see some cute Red Work Christmas ornaments in my future.
Blue Work is fun too.
This time instead of doing it with stabilizer, I added batting and backing and quilted through the layers. You can see where I checked the thread tension on the side - again, no adjustment needed.
I had this basket block on hand, so I added a bit of embroidery to jazz it up.
This gorgeous straw-gold colour reminded me of grape tendrils, so I dug out some grapes leftover from a liturgical project. (nothing gets thrown out :))
What an easy way to add quilting and embellishment at the same time.
 The thicker thread has much more impact than a 50 weight.
So far, I have the 12 weight thread available for sale in red, black, gold, blue, white, and leaf green.  I used the latter on a quilt which will appear in the winter issue of Quilter's Connection. Obviously, I can't show that quilt online as yet, but I will have it with me at the Zonta Bazaar on October 17.  Next post I will show more Red Work. (I am going to have free-motion embroidery on everything in the house!!)


  1. Tell Polly not to stand still too long.

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  3. Wow. Those samples are amazing! Christmas themed, I think?

  4. where do you find the needles? I have looked 2 places and not found them.

    1. Hi, Willa: I have some needles for sale, pls just email!

  5. Willa, if Karen doesn't have them, you can find them on my website

  6. Wow thanks for the info can't wait to try it

  7. That's lovely......I could try it when I get home!

  8. I need more thread so I will see you at Zonta for sure.

  9. Wow embroidery with free motion?!?! The possibilities are endless! It looks fabulous!!!

  10. P.S. visiting from Aurifil retweet or reposting.

  11. I'm such a huge fan of Aurifil anything. I used 12 wt for quilting and just loved how it looked, but I did have a few issues. I think you have solved that problem as I believe a change to a 100/16 needle will do the trick. Thank you!

  12. Thanks for sharing..I'm new to quilting and love all the great tips..Looks like one day I'm going to have to try the free motion myself