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Monday, 23 March 2015

Dorothy's Coat of Many Colours

I had a lovely surprise email from someone I hadn't seem in ages, made even more special by the fact it contained a picture of a quilt.  Dorothy Travis was one of the first people we met when we moved to Amherst 20+ years ago.  I showed up at Trinity United one hot summer day to register a very excited almost-four year old for vacation Bible school, and Dorothy welcomed him in. 
Dorothy has been busy making quilts for her grandsons as graduation presents, and this one shown above is for Blake who requested one with lots of colour. Dorothy writes that she spotted this pattern at Dayle's during last year's Fibre Arts Festival and knew it was perfect for him, as her colour-loving grandson had often read scripture at church and knew the story behind the coat.  She used materials that her daughter brought back from one of her trips to Australia, making the gift even more special.  

My original Coat of Many Colours is below, and you can see that Dorothy improved upon it with the addition of a bright print border - much jazzier than my plain one!  It also brought the quilt out to a good size for the bed. 
Joseph's Coat of Many Colours is a very simple patchwork pattern, perfect for beginners and for using up lots of scraps.  
If you'd like to try your hand at a Coat of Many Colours, the pattern is available from my website, or as an instant download from Craftsy.
Thanks for sharing this, Dorothy -  I know Blake will love his quilt!


  1. Well done, Dorothy......I know some of those fabrics, too!

  2. Both quilts are lovely! I'm sure Blake will love his quilt!