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Thursday, 22 May 2014

The Power Of One

It was one of those days...the kind that start off with a dental appointment and then go downhill from there ...including a summons for jury duty.  Sigh...I needed a fabric pick- me- up so I headed down to Mrs Pugsley's Emporium.  In addition to some awesome fabric, I got a big surprise! Aren't they gorgeous?  They are a gift from a very talented knitter, Lou Harrington.  I'm not really sure why Lou thought of me when she knit these socks - other than that they are red - but I am just thrilled she did.  They are beautiful.
They have a dainty picot edge on the cuff, flowers worked in duplicate stitch on the heel, and are knit from a very fine wool, much finer than I've ever knit.  Lou says the wool is 99% sheep and 1% Lester.  (Lester is Lou's cat!) Polly discovered the Lester right away.
 I swear she sniffed every single stitch before she gave permission for those socks to go on my feet.

 They are a perfect fit (how did you know?)
 Polly is still checking to make sure the Lester content is up to code.
 Wow, Wow, Wow.  I appreciate every single stitch that went into these socks.  My feet are clapping :)
Lou is joining the teaching team of the Fibre Arts Festival Society of Nova Scotia this fall and will be doing three different workshops on knitting.  You can contact Lou if you would like more information on her classes.

Thank you Lou for your thoughtfulness;  you sure turned my day around.


  1. Love the socks.They are so you. Isn't it nice getting something unexpectedly?

  2. Wow! Talk about a great pick-me-up!! LOVELY socks Miss Karen! Lucky you! I'd say they make up for the dental appt. and the jury duty...

  3. They are much too pretty to ever cover with a pair of shoes. They are beautiful.

  4. What gorgeous socks, and what a lovely gesture! You won't be tucking those inside shoes, will you?

  5. The socks are so beautiful. The shade of red is delicious, and the embellishment with the flowers would make everyone feel spring.When you put them on I know you will find that happy smile on your face. They are definitely a pick me up. Lou, you are a yarn wizard.

  6. So glad Polly approves. Lester is a very dedicated Knitting Inspector