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Saturday, 10 May 2014

A Fox In The Henhouse

That's me!  Mrs. Pugsley (aka Beth) got invited to play her bagpipes on Parliament Hill in Ottawa at the National Day of Honour for our Afghanistan veterans.  That in itself is an honour not to be missed, so I agreed to babysit her quilt shop, Mrs Pugsley's Emporium, while she is away.  Join me on an impromptu magical mystery tour of the shop (without permission *-)
One wall of this incredible historic space is taken up with an imposing and unique piece which came from an old barber shop just down the street.  The mirrors reflect lots of light around this already bright shop.
 This is looking towards the cash at the front of the store.  (Yes I did make that quilt, thank you for asking :)  It looks like stained glass in the window.
 The building is furnished with many antiques including this cart which makes a great spot to display flannels.
 At the back of the store is the display of Moda fabrics, precuts and matching yardage.
There are lots of FQ's bundled into Mrs. P's signature star packs.

Another wall houses Hoffman batiks in every colour under the sun. You can see a couple of Mrs. P's sock monkeys peeking out around the shelves.
This collection by Hoffman is called Maple Lane and looks very Canadian, with maple leaves and wheat motifs. It's beautiful.  Folks have been purchasing it to make Quilts of Valour for our soldiers.
 I can barely take my eyes off this new line from Hoffman called Narumi.
Another really interesting display in the shop is of African hand embroideries, and fabrics to coordinate.  This quilt was made by Beverly Rebelo of Zimbabwe.  You can read more about Beverly's quilts in a previous post.

It's been a very pleasant couple of days for me; I've reconnected with many quilters I haven't seen for ages and Mrs. P left a Beatles CD hidden in plain sight.  A quilt shop with Beatles music - does it get any better than this? :)


  1. Definitely on my go to list when I travel that way.
    It looks like an amazing shop.

  2. "Fox in the Henhouse"! I love it! Better than "kid in a candyshop"! Quilt shop + Beatles music = happiness! You've given a great overview of Mrs. P's. She should be pleased!

  3. What a lovely shop! Maple Lane is a beautiful range, and my mouth is watering at those batiks. And Beatles music too......what could be better!

  4. Wow, Beth has added lots more fabric since I was there in the fall. I can hardly wait to return.

  5. Beth certainly didnt have to worry about her shop with you in charge. I wanted to surprise you with a visit on Friday but things didnt work out. Darn it. I hope to visit in the near future. I need some MBDots!

  6. It sounds as if you enjoyed a couple of purrfect days. So nice to tour with you