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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

They Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth

Literally.  And posted them on their blog...along with the pictures I took.  Maybe it was just a dream that I wrote those posts...and that my name is actually "Slightly Off Quilter"???  Granted, many days I am a bit off, but not so much that I don't recognize what I've written and where I've posted it.  For those of you interested, please read about this on The Bitchy Stitcher site (some days I am this way too).  A sincere thank you to Linda for the heads-up about all this deceit.  If you do visit the quilt patterns pro site in question, please know that I am NOT affiliated with this site in any way, shape,or form, I do NOT write for them under another name, and they do NOT have my permission to lift material from my blog.  Be careful what you click on there; the site is peppered with ads which will take you who knows where.  I will also be lodging a complaint with GoDaddy, who apparently hosts the site's domain.

Safe blogging to all.  (Wonder if this post will make it to their site?!)


  1. Through a link, I ended up on that site a week or so ago and thought there was something odd about it. Today I see there is a post indicating that the very site you are on is stealing from other blogs with a letter form you can use to complain about it. Interesting. It takes all the fun out of this blogging.

  2. I forgot to add some of the stolen posts are in other languages as well.

  3. Karen, see today's post on, explaining this is what is known as a "Scraper site". Very interesting.

  4. Looks like the poacher site has been taken down. There were lots of complaints laid. Probably won't be long before they show up somewhere else.

  5. Hi Karen. I'm a follower / distant friend of Linda's (Stitch Lines) and came over from her blog.

    So sorry that this has happened to you and I'll be doing a bit of research on my own as well. Is there any real protection or honor any more?

  6. Unbelievable. Do they think they won't be found out?