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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Motley Crew WIPs

A little eye candy to start the week... Jeanne (aka The Bernina Lady) sent along these pictures of WIPS (works in progress). Jeanne meets with a group of stitchers who call themselves The Motley Crew; they get together on a regular basis to stitch on their Berninas. Some of the Crew have been working on my Farrago using batiks for their works of art. They have the centres completed so far. Here you see Carol's - so soothing in these soft colours. It looks like an island floating in a Carribean sea:
...and Jeanne's:
I love how Jeanne's colour placement frames the centre star so nicely. The arched bands really stand out. Marg's is spectacular done in autumn shades:
Marg is zipping right along with hers and already has the outer blocks foundation pieced and ready to add. As Jeanne says, these will be "delicious" when finished. I can hardly wait to see how they choose to quilt them. The pattern for Farrago is available here if you'd like to make your own. I realize I'm a bit biased...but aren't they gorgeous?


  1. Makes me feel so lazy seeing all of these beautiful quilts nearly completed.

  2. Hi Karen. Thanks for the wonderful comments. I will pass them onto my crew. We had a fabulous time piecing the Farrago and look forwarding to sharing how we will quilt them. A wonderful pattern to choose colours for. Cheers, Jeanne (aka The Bernina Lady)

  3. Love the color choices in the Farrago pieces. Looking forward to possibly seeing them completed. Lucy

  4. Love too see the same pattern in different colors. They are all so nice.

  5. OH I love them all !!! I think its so nice that this group gets together and I wish i lived closer as I would love to join their group and share their ideas. The colors are so nicely put together to give a different look in each piece.Wavy, depth and the last one the centre pops out at me :))
    Great work ladies and I hope you send completed pictures so I can get an idea on the look I want mine to have .