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Saturday, 10 January 2009

New fabric

Oh my...Dayle's got new fabric...what's a girl to do but buy some...
This gorgeous red print and coordinates are from the Hollyhock collection from Camelot Cottons. Doreen from Dayle's had mentioned to me that she had it on order and called yesterday when it arrived; I rushed right down. My sons think it is funny that a store would call me when they have new fabric in stock, but I think it's wonderful - truly one of the perks of living in a small town.
Not sure what anyone else does when they get new fabric, but I can't wait to iron it. Then I spread it out to admire, and dream of the design possibilities. Today it will go in the washer, and then I have the pleasure of ironing it again. Most folk seem to begrudge ironing as a chore, but I take it as a time to focus on the fabric, feel the hand, enjoy the richness of the colours. I guess this is why the fabric store has me on speed dial...they literally "have my number". :)

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  1. Me too! I LOVE ironing fabric. Fun to find a kindred spirit in that department LOL.