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Wednesday 15 March 2023

Space is Limited

Well...imagine my surprise to learn that my blog is at capacity, and I either need to stop writing so much, or delete some old posts to continue.  I am opting for the latter, so please be patient while I work away at getting my house in order!  In the meantime, please visit me on Facebook   (@sewkarenlycreated) and Instagram (@sewkarenly).  Hope to see you back here soon! :)  ~Karen


  1. Be sure you download all your old blogs.

  2. Backup ALL your posts. But I'd like to chat with you about what you are seeing before you delete. I had this happen once with google blogger, but then they reset their settings. By chance did you search/report it on the help forum site?

    Darlene S

    ps - right now I'm still investigating why I show up on some blogger sites as anonymous and others it has my account info. I have already successfully posted on other google blogs this morning, but still showing up as anonymous on yours.

  3. Mine is doing the same, so I did a little upgrade and will move it where I get more bang for the buck....not fun!