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Saturday, 13 November 2021

Log Cabin Triangle Tree Placemats

The name might be a mouthful, but it gives the whole picture of what this pattern is about:  tree-shaped placemats made log-cabin style.  These clever mats are sure to be a hit on the table, and they go together really quickly. Because they are strip-pieced, you can easily sew a set in a day.  

The mats are sized to accommodate a dinner plate and cutlery. Because of their shape, they fit beautifully on either a rectangular or round table.
The need for binding has been eliminated, and the quilting is kept to a minimum: in the ditch between seams, and a squiggle down the centre of each strip. 
If you are more of a traditionalist and prefer a bound edge, instructions are included for that as well. 
There are also directions on how to make matching napkins which slip through the trunk of the tree.

We could all use a bit of fun and whimsy this Christmas, and these placemats will delight your family. Ask for the pattern at your local quilt shop, or find it in print form from my website, or downloadable at this link.