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Friday, 22 January 2021

Aurifil Thread Case Special

Our thread store has recently received a LARGE order from Aurifil; we are (literally!) stocked to the ceiling with thread! 

As usual, the ever-vigilant Polly was on the job to inspect the packages. (There might just be some Catnip-19 in there...)

In total, the boxes weighed a little over 32 lbs.  If you consider how light a single spool of thread is, you can appreciate this is a LOT of thread!  We are really doing our best to stay ahead of any hold-ups that may occur due to the on-going pandemic.  We do not want our sewing interrupted! One of the things we were able to secure was another carton of the thread + case specials which were so popular awhile back. 

These are a terrific deal, with a spool of 50 weight 2024 Mako cotton thread plus a reusable storage case which holds 12 large spools, both for just $19.99.  As you know, the thread sells on its own for $14.99 and the cases are $12.99 so it’s a great price, and good time to stock up.  These sold out very quickly last time we had them.

We also ordered in a couple of extra Colour Builders sets for January in case you missed out on joining earlier. This is a fabulous monthly subscription from Aurifil which highlights the plight of endangered species world wide.  In addition to the thread, subscribers receive exclusive embroidery and foundation piecing patterns each month, the latter being designed by the talented Cassandra Beaver.

Our collections have been replenished, including a brand new one from Edyta Sitar called  "Secret Stash". 

You can order these items from the website  We deliver across Canada, and offer local contact-less pickup.  

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  1. I may need a second case...need to see if I have someone travelling to Amherst in the near future.